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Register for REALM- our new Church Management Tool

We keep on growing as a church community, and as the world evolves, making technology more feasible and a resourceful tool to use, Fellowship Baptist Church is moving to a new kind of church management platform or record keeping called Realm® and we will need your assistance to seamlessly transition. The foremost duty of this tool is to serve administrative needs of our staff, and to boost opportunities and involvement in our church. Please note that, your information used in registering is never public and will always be your information. Only you as a member and authorized staff will have access to your information- to change or make any necessary revisions. 
To register, kindly click on link (Register for REALM- our new Church Management Tool) (Members can sign up by inputting their information) They automatically will join our church database as they sign up.  If not, members can request an invite via ( Staff or our Admin will send a REALM Invite reading “Join Your Online Church Community”. Please include your full given name, date of birth (mm/dd/yyyy.), email address, home address and phone number. 

*Realm Administrator may ask to verify additional information due to potential duplicates or more clarification.

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